Landslide susceptibility maps of Santiago city Andean foothills, Chile

Marisol Lara, Sergio A. Sepúlveda, Constanza Celis, Sofía Rebolledo, Pablo Ceballos


The urban expansion of Santiago city includes areas with geomorphological and geological conditions with potential to be affected by landslide processes. This work presents compiled landslide susceptibility maps for the Andean foothills of Santiago city, between Maipo and Mapocho rivers. The maps identify the areas prone to the generation of slides, falls and flows. The results show that the oriental foothills of Santiago city have moderate to high susceptibility of rock falls, rock and soil slides and debris flows. The most important of these landslide types are debris flows, due to the runout of this processes that may reach urban areas posing a risk for the city, for which detailed hazard studies are required.


Landslides; Slides, Debris flows, Rock falls, Susceptibility

How to cite this article Lara, M.; Sepúlveda, S.; Celis, C.; Rebolledo, S.; Ceballos, P. 2018, Landslide susceptibility maps of Santiago city Andean foothills, Chile. Andean Geology 45 (3) : 433-442. [doi:]